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The Readable Code and Regs: Partnerships is a unique reference that takes the pain out of reading the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. Its array of innovative features are designed with one overriding goal–to let the tax practitioner understand a Code or Reg provision in one pass without flipping pages or clicking links. In this remarkable work you'll find:

  • The Verbatim Code Plus/Verbatim Regs Plus. It contains the official text annotated with side notes that concisely explain non-obvious cross-references.
  • The Readable Code/Readable Regs. The Code and Regs are rewritten in intuitive language and an easy-to-navigate format. It includes such features as a navigation header laying out the string of captions that lead to the starting point for each page.
  • Tables of post-1999 legislative and regulatory history including succinct summaries of major changes.
  • A unique index that provides the caption string for a cited provision, quickly placing it in context.

This one-of-a-kind resource paves the way to understanding by:

  • Maintaining the reader's train of thought uninterrupted. It eliminates flipping pages or clicking links to look up cross-references, which often contain their own cross-references and other complexity.
  • Breaking down complex sentences into shorter, simpler structures that minimize mental place-holding.
  • Providing a concise statement of the principal points illustrated by a given example in the Regulations.
  • Providing, in our new PDF format, the efficiency of full text searches and laptop access.

Based on familiarity with a given topic, the reader can easily choose between two formats, which are presented as facing pages covering the same provision. For example, when researching an unfamiliar regulatory provision, the reader would normally start with The Readable Regs. When researching a well-understood provision, the reader would normally go directly to The Verbatim Regs Plus.

The two volumes currently available cover Sections 701-777 of the Internal Revenue Code and corresponding Treasury Regulations, as well as pending Proposed Regulations issued after 1994. The PDF version is current through May 31, 2010.

Updates are in the form of cumulative annual supplements in PDF format. The October 2009 supplement to the print edition is currently available in our Bookstore.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If for any reason you are not satisfied with one of our publications, simply return it in like-new condition within thirty days for a refund of the full purchase price.

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