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What tax practitioners are saying about
The Readable Code and Regs: Partnerships

Your approach provides an excellent resource with convenience that surpasses other collections of the Code, Regs and commentaries.

David S. Boyce, Esq.
Jones Day
Los Angeles, CA

The Readable Code and Regs: Partnerships is an indispensable reference tool for the seasoned practitioner and the neophyte alike. The novel format provides readers at a glance with the verbatim law as well as a readable, insightful alternative. The margin note explanations of cross-references are real time savers. On balance, this unique resource is a great complement to other reference works on partnership tax.

Abraham N.M. Shashy, Jr., Esq.
Washington, DC
Former IRS Chief Counsel

Now someone has published a more reader-friendly reference...with more intuitive language, without sacrificing any nuance of the original.
The Journal of Accountancy
September 2009
See the full JOA review.

The Readable Code and Regs: Partnerships takes a unique approach that brings badly needed clarity to a very difficult area of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations, namely, the provisions dealing with partnerships. This book literally rewrites the Code and Regulations in easy-to-grasp language alongside the official text. I only wish that a resource like this had been available when I was struggling to understand and interpret these complex provisions.
Christopher Sclafani, CPA
Regional Tax Director
United Parcel Service
Philadelphia, PA

This is a unique and extremely helpful reference for practitioners who regularly–or even occasionally–advise on partnership taxation. It is easy to use and enhances the accuracy and productivity of even a senior tax professional.

Christopher R. Loomis, Esq.
Associate Chief Counsel–Tax Law
CIGNA Corporation
Philadelphia, PA

Readable Press doesn't just tout its product as "innovative and reader friendly"–it delivers. The concise and comprehensible side notes save time and improve comprehension without sacrificing thoroughness. I recommend it not only to tax professionals, but to business lawyers and tax policy professionals as well.

Stephen M. Renna, Esq., President
National Association of
Real Estate Investment Managers
Washington, DC

This book is perfect for my practice. It delivers on its promise of readability, explaining issues and related Code and Regulation sections clearly and in one place. This format clears the clutter involved in keeping several volumes on your desk to look up cross-references. The book also includes helpful references such as IRS Notices regarding pending regulations, summaries of regulatory history, and even formulas for various calculations.

Francine M. Haulenbeek, CPA
West Berlin, NJ

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